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Cause of Basement Leaks in Annapolis, MD

Cause of Basement Leaks in Annapolis, MD

The cause of a basement leak can be of many reasons, one of the most commons are improper footing drain installation, low-quality drain used, and the wall-floor joint. Some common mistakes during installation and can lead to a wet basement in the near future. Wet basements are bad for your family’s health as molds greatly decrease the quality of the air you breath in and can sometimes pose to health risks. To avoid such situations from arising you should take a look at the causes of a wet basement and implement on correcting them.

Footing Drain Installation

Footing drains channel rainwater that seeps into the ground away from your basement. When installing footing drains, a mistake common to most is the backfilling process. If not done right, the soil backfilled can crush the footing drain, making it useless. If the footing drain does not do its job right, then water is imminent to break through into your basement.

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During the excavation process, a section of the soil is removed where the basement foundation is established along with the footing drains in place. The soil that is filled back in against the basement wall is much looser and has higher permeability than the soil that is untouched. This means more water is absorbed into the ground, thus more water gathers up against your basement wall on rainy days with greater chances of water seeping in.

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Clogged Footing Drain

One major cause of basement leaks is a clogged footing drain. Fine particles in the soil and other particles such as small rocks enter the drainage system along with rainwater. Eventually, sediments of mud and particles build up and block the waterway. This makes hinders the drainage system, and sometimes shuts down completely. The water that is under pressure has nowhere else to go, and will gradually find its way into the basement through tiny gaps.

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Wall & Floor Leak

Typically, a tiny space is intentionally maintained between the wall and floor junction to prevent the center of the floor from cracking. Water under high hydrostatic pressure can penetrate this small gap and enter the basement. Concrete block walls can leak as well as water pressure weakens the joints between the block and pierce through.

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