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Entryway Waterproofing in Baltimore & Annapolis MD

Maryland Mold & Waterproofing are experts in solving your basement’s entryway problems, or even giving you new access to your basement where it didn’t exist before. We can even install a fire escape basement entrance way if you would like to add a bedroom in your basement. This involves digging down next to your foundation and installing a fire exit window that swings open for easy exit in case of an emergency. An egress well will keep dirt away from the window, with a ladder built right into the well. And, a well cover is installed to keep excess water out.

Solving leaking entryways is something our trained experts do every week. This specialty skill includes excavating down to the footer and cutting, framing in, and installing a steel door in a hole cut into the block basement wall. Walls would be constructed on both sides. Once the walls are built and stepped back into the excavated area, a drainage system is installed behind the wall. A sump pump system is installed in the basement to pump out any ground water that could seep in. Concrete steps and a pad at the top and bottom are poured and the basement entryway is finished. Easily accessible, dry due to our waterproofing system, and now you have many new options in what you can do in your new basement space!

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