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Exterior Drainage Systems in Baltimore & Annapolis MD and Surrounding Areas

Exterior Drainage Solutions in Baltimore & Annapolis MD and Surrounding Areas

When those heavy rains come, as they do each year, will you be ready with the proper yard drainage to take that water away from your home’s foundation and expensive landscaping? The experts at Maryland Mold & Waterproofing will ensure your yard is drained properly, so you can rest easy when the next big storm dumps buckets of rain water in your backyard.   


Exterior Excavation Waterproofing 

A comprehensive study by the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) determined that 85% of home structural damage is caused by poor drainage. Exterior excavation with wall & footing drains provide the advantage of redirecting water from the home before it ever gets into the home and requires little to no ongoing maintenance once the project is complete.

Depending on the extent of the surface water in the yard and the water table in each particular site, exterior basement waterproofing which addresses the source of water where it enters the foundation; may involve one wall of the foundation, or multiple walls. The drainage specialists at Maryland Mold & Waterproofing will provide a free inspection and a free written estimate to solve your surface water problem permanently!


Yard Drainage Solutions

Without proper drainage solutions in place, water may pool up during heavy rains, undermining the structural integrity of your foundation and drowning expensive plants. You can’t mow over wet areas, everyone tracks mud into the house, and your grass will die if it’s underwater for too long. If the surface water is close to your house, it can also cause your basement or crawl space to leak, creating all sorts of health and structural problems.

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We can solve your drainage problems and create an attractive landscape feature at the same time with a dry creek bed. Of course, we don’t have to turn your yard drainage solution into a creek bed. A simple swale, with grass seed or new sod, can be an effective and subtle way to control the surface water on your property.


An invisible Sump Pump Discharge Line

Your sump pump system should be designed to discharge the water far away from your home, directing it away from the foundation. If a sump pump’s discharge line sends the water in a direction that finds its way back to the foundation, much of the water it pumps out could end up back in your basement. Our experts at Maryland Mold & Waterproofing include an extended discharge line with each of our sump pump installations. We make your discharge line virtually invisible, by burying it underground where the kids won’t trip over it, and it won’t ruin your yard’s landscaping.


Gutter Drainage System

Roof water can be a major contributor of ground water seepage in your basement. There is a lot of surface area on your roof that drives rain water down towards your home’s foundation. A gutter and downspout system help drain all roof water away from your foundation walls. The downspout drain should extend away from the foundation to keep as much rain water away from your home’s foundation as possible. 


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At Maryland Mold & Waterproofing, we provide homeowners with a custom designed drainage system to solve the unique problems each home is experiencing. No two homes are the same, so our drainage systems must be customized for each home. 


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