Exterior Drainage System

Annapolis Exterior Drainage System

Services to Improve Yard Drainage & Protect Your Home's Foundation & Landscaping

When the heavy rains come, it is important to ensure that your yard is draining properly to avoid property damage. Maryland Mold and Waterproofing can make sure you are ready with an exterior drainage system in Annapolis and surrounding areas. We offer expert solutions to safely move the water away from the foundation of your home and your landscaping.

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How Far Should Water Drain Away From The House?

Water should be drained at least 4 to 6 feet away from the house. The farther away the water is drained from the foundation the better. However, it is important to drain it in a way it won't cause problems with your yard.

Yard Drainage Solutions

In the absence of proper yard drainage, water can pool in your yard and around your foundation during heavy rains. This can cause a variety of problems on the interior and exterior of your home, including health and structural problems.

Too much surface water can result in:

  • Destroying expensive plants and landscaping
  • An inability to mow the lawn
  • Grass dying, due to excess water
  • Mud tracked inside the house
  • Leaking in the basement and crawl space

The professional team at Maryland Mold and Waterproofing is equipped to solve your drainage problems and create an attractive landscape feature with a dry creek bed or a simple swale with grass seed or new sod to help control surface water.

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Exterior Evacuation Waterproofing

According to a study conducted by the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA), 85% of home structural damage is caused by poor drainage. External evacuation with wall and footing drains is designed to redirect water from the home to prevent damage. This type of external drainage system in Annapolis is effective and requires little maintenance after the initial installation.

Exterior basement waterproofing addresses the source of the water problem. The right solution may involve treating one wall of the foundation or multiple walls, depending on the extent of the surface water problem and the water table. Maryland Mold and Waterproofing uses a diversified approach to address water problems from the outside or the inside to provide a lasting solution.

Sump Pumps & Gutter Drainage

An effective sump pump system should discharge water away from the foundation of your home. However, when the discharge line for the sump pump sends water in a direction that eventually leads back to the foundation, the water can end up in the basement. When we install sump pumps, we include an extended discharge line and bury the line in the ground, so it won’t damage the landscaping or cause people to trip.

Another common source of water in the basement is water that comes down from the roof during heavy rains. This can result in rainwater damaging your foundation or entering the basement or crawl space. Gutter and downspout systems are designed to drain water from the roof and move it away from the foundation. In order to be effective, the drain should extend away from the foundation. Every property has unique challenges and features. We can design a custom exterior drainage system in Annapolis that addresses the specific problems you are experiencing and provide a free estimate for the cost of the job.

Please call (410) 376-5550 to discuss exterior drainage options and find the best solution for your property.


  • Excellent job, very professional, excellent communication from start to finish.

    Excellent job, very professional, excellent communication from start to finish. No job is easy these days due to material disruptions, but these guys were on top of everything and clearly communicated throughout the process. They were very accessible an”

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    “He solved it with a step-by-step approach that required chimney repair and some gutter replacements--at 30-40% of the cost others estimated. Basement has now been dry through several big storms.”

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