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Risks of Water Damage Caused By Surface Water in Baltimore & Annapolis MD and Surrounding Areas

There are many good reasons to invest in surface drainage outside your home, to start with, consider what can go wrong if you don’t. Surface water causes hydrostatic pressure to build up against your foundation walls. The effects of these conditions include:

  • Foundation cracks which compromise the structural integrity of your home.
  • Basement seepage leading to flooding and property damage.
  • Health risks to your family caused by mold growth in your basement.
  • Loss of property value due to water damage.
  • Ruined landscaping & drowned plantings.


These problems illustrate the need for exterior drainage to keep water away from your landscaped yard and your home’s foundation walls. 


Talk to one of our exterior excavation experts at Maryland Mold & Waterproofing today if you notice standing water in your yard. It could be a major problem the next time you get a heavy rain storm. 

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