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Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing Services in Annapolis & Baltimore, MD

Foundation Waterproofing Services

A waterproof basement foundation can be achieved by various methods. However, only some are effective in the long-run.

Foundation waterproofing is the means of preventing water intrusion and a wet basement. Over time, constant water pressure and moisture penetrate holes or make cracks on the basement wall, sometimes the pressure warps the foundation wall in or out. A wet basement invites lots of problems, starting from serious mold infestation to degraded air quality and a moldy odor that may affect the health of your family members.

Maryland Mold & Waterproofing is aware of the possible water entry points and causes behind the basement leaks. We waterproof foundations for a living and we do it the right way. We are the professional waterproofing company in Maryland, serving Chevy Chase, Cordova, Ellicott City, Gambrills, and more. We also perform mold & odor removal for houses that are infested with mold.

Call Maryland Mold & Waterproofing now at 410-204-2528 for professional foundation waterproofing solutions.

Methods for Foundation Waterproofing

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Waterproof Primer & Paint

Waterproof Primer & Paint

Applying waterproof paint on the interior walls of the foundation might seem like a simple solution, but it is far more complicated. Moisture from the water can dissolve the bond between the paint and the wall. Additionally, waterproof paints cannot stop water seepage through cracks or crevices on the wall, thus this is not a very effective method.

Exterior Drainage

Exterior drainage systems can serve you good for a while, then clog every once in a while. Particles in the soil enter the drainage system along with groundwater and slowly block the drains. This requires an extensive repair that involves excavating soil again, destroying landscapes such as flowerbeds or walkways. Moreover, this system needs to be reinstalled after every 10 years of service.

Interior Drainage: GrateDrain™

The least disruptive method of foundation waterproofing is the interior drainage system. Our engineered GrateDrain™ is a clog-free interior drainage system that is set up along the perimeter of the basement floor. It is designed to capture all water that enters the basement and channel them away using a sump pump. No water will ever have the chance to touch any of your belongings.

Moreover, the GrateDrain™ comes with a backup battery that allows the system to run during power outages. The system requires a yearly maintenance check that is relatively cheaper than repairing clogged exterior drains over and over again and not to mention the pricey expenses on reinstallation after 10 years.

Trust Us for the Right Method for Your Foundation Waterproofing

Looking to waterproof your basement foundation? Contact the professionals at Maryland Mold & Waterproofing for the right waterproof solution that fits the need of your home. We are available in Galena, Essex, Newark, West River, and many more cities throughout Maryland. If you have cracks on your foundation wall, check out our foundation crack repair services. Call us now at 410-204-2528 for the right foundation waterproof method.